Hi, I'm Anna!

It's natural. Don't worry.

We're designing it to be the PERFECT course for preparing for an English interview on the phone, Skype, or Zoom.

This course will be for you if:

  • you have an important interview to prepare for
  • you want to work abroad or at an international company
  • you have have an interview on the phone, Skype, or Zoom
  • want to answer interview questions confidently and without hesitation
  • you want to boost your self confidence for interviews
  • you want to learn in a safe and structured way.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • you are not trying to prepare yourself for a job interview
  • you want a complete English learning course
  • you want a person to talk to to practice (this is a video course that gives you specific tips about how to do video job interviews in English). 

In this course, we will cover:

1. Online Interview Tips - Speaking & Understanding

  • Tips to speak easily during an online job interview
  • Tips to understand better during an online job interview

2. Preparing & Connecting To Your Online Job Interview

  • How to prepare for your online job interview
  • Preparation tips for success
  • How to deal with any technical difficulties

3. Presenting Yourself In Your Online Job Interview

  • How to join the call with confidence
  • Introducing yourself
  • The first question! Tell me a little bit about yourself

4. Answering Key Interview Questions

  • How to answer key interview questions

5. Closing An Online Job Interview

  • How to finish a job interview
  • How to discuss salary expectations 
  • How to ask for contact details & feedback

The course is NOT finished yet, but it's already available for you to buy now.

By buying now, you get:

  • new videos as soon as they become available
  • the chance to give us feedback and get your questions answered
  • the lowest price. We're going to increase the price as we add more videos.


English Business Trainer

Anna Polec

Over the past 10 years, Anna has helped thousands of clients in many different sectors improve their business English skills and gain confidence in their English. Previously, Anna worked as Head of Graphic Design for Future 3000plc. And she also has experience as a bilingual key account manager for an international content management company.

What people are saying about Anna

Margaryta F.

2 years ago I realized that to be more efficient and progress in my job in international trading I absolutely needed to improve my speaking skills in English. My English was OK but not enough to feel confident during the meetings or conference calls with English speakers. I met Anna via Business Speaking and she helped me to fulfill my objective 100%! By her dynamism, implication and positive way of thinking, she gave me the keys of success, she showed me how to progress efficiently and without stress. I enjoyed a lot the time spent together with Anna and can recommend her as a teacher without any doubt to everyone! Today I am happy to express myself in English fluently and just enjoy it.

Deborah A

Having tested several formats for learning professional English courses, I can now say that I am able to communicate with my interlocutors in an efficient way, feeling comfortable. Anna is very reassuring, patient and a pedagogue, I am delighted to be one of her students.

Ali BR

Anna helped me a lot to improve my English and now I find it much easier to communicate in English. Now I am totally confident when speaking which has helped so much.


I am working in an international environment since 1 year without any support from my company to progress on English language. As I studied English in university without live experience in English speaking country and my English level needed to improve for direct communication. I contacted Anna. And..... we built a strategy focused on my current need and my personal way of learning. Furthermore, during our lesson, we can easily switch or illustrate some cases directly linked to professional issues or topics. Anna has a big background in several industrial environments. She knows French people very well and she has a high capacity to adapt to them. Also, I would like to mention that she could be a support when you face some professional or personal inconveniences. Thanks a lot Anna for our collaboration.

Anne J

If you want to improve your spoken English you have to take some English courses with Anna. You will be quickly relaxed because Anna never judges you and in reality : according to Anna, English is easy 😉…… You can speak a lot with Anna and she helps you to be more confident. Anna knows very well the professional context so it’s better when you do some role-play She can adapt the course if you want to prepare a meeting, a business trip, etc….. I am more fluent now and it’s only thanks to Anna. Now she is a Friend 😊


  • What do I get with the course?

    High-quality videos that are viewable on your tablet, e-reader, smartphone or computer screen.

  • How frequently will you be releasing videos?

    We'll be creating at least 10 5-10 minute videos, and we will be releasing at least 1 video per week.

  • Can I ask questions?

    Yes, we highly encourage it! You can ask questions in lesson discussions, online chat, or email. Please note that we can only answer questions related to the topic of the course.

  • I have another question - how can I contact you?

    If you have any questions about the course, please email us – support@cospot.com – we’re happy to help. Please note that we can only answer questions related to the topic of the course.